Canine Influenza Update

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Canine Influenza Update

(updated 1/12/16)

There have recently been stories on the news regarding an outbreak of Canine Influenza and this has sparked numerous questions from clients.  Below are some links to help you better understand this emerging virus, as well as some main points to remember...

  • The most recent outbreak (April 2015) started in dogs from Chicago and has now been found in 25 states.
  • The current strain is different from the one that was previously seen in the United States.  In November 2015 a new vaccine was given conditional licensure to protect from the new strain.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that dogs can transmit this virus to humans.  Depending on the strain it may or may not transmit to cats
  • At this time there have been two confirmed cases in King County Washington.  Click here to read an updated article about these cases.

MAP: click on the word map to see a map showing the most recent site of testing.  The blue dots are places where tests were performed, the orange and red are actual positive cases!

greyhound on blanket 

To view a list of FAQs about Canine Influenza click on the picture above.

Click here to view an article about Canine Influenza