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In Memoriam




"Joey" Kempston 3/2/2010- 3/28/2019

Joey: Adorable, lovable, snuggleable, loyal, fun loving, cherished and much missed companion....


"Pyro" Parton 10/1/2004 - 4/10/2019  

 This is my son Pyro he also is across the rainbow bridge, I miss him so much.....

"Tashi" Darcy 7/22/2003 - 9/16/2019

"Tashi" was added to our family when she was 6 years old.  She loved her catio and lying in the sun.   She had small stairs that went high on the walls so she could choose her best look out spot for keeping an eye on her family.She was the boss of the house.  Even the pitbulls shied away from her.  We had her for 10 years and tried to give her the best home possible.  We surly miss our bossy cat. 
"Gretchen"  McMichael 8/1/2006 - 9/21/2019

Our sweet little girl, Gretchen went to be with her friends and is in the hands of God. She enjoyed watching squirrels, going on walks and taking yearly trips to Loon Lake. She loved her family and was always by our side. She loved car rides and going anywhere with us. Anytime food was being made, she was right in the kitchen waiting for a hand out and her favorite snack when she was well was string cheese. Gretchen will be deeply missed by our family and her memory will live on in our hearts forever. She was the best little girl and gave our family so much love and joy.


"Roxy"  Mottram 7/27/2009 - 12/6/2019
Its no surprise this little bundle of joy captured our hearts 10 years ago.  Princess Roxanne Star aka Roxy was more than just a dog…she was family and our constant companion.  It’s been a rough year for all of us and finally the end caught up sooner than we anticipated. LYMPHOMA CANCER is a curse!!  We cannot justify our need to hold on while she is in pain to prolong the evitable outcome.  It is with VERY HEAVY heart that we help her on her journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you Roxy for your unconditional love and SO MANY smiles, we will miss you.  Safe journey Princess, we love you. 
Special thanks to Wandermere Animal Hospital for you kind and compassionate care of Roxy.


"Minnie"  6/03-8/20

Minnie was a feral kitten, who appeared in a neighbor’s woodpile more than seventeen years ago. She got her name because she was so tiny and proceeded to grow up to be quite “full-figured”. She was bossy, picky about food, liked sleeping on my head at night, and was insistent on grooming any dogs in the household. She was a big help with puzzles.

Joey Snyder

"Joey" Snyder 4/15/2008 - 7/22/2020

"Clover" 8/1/2010 - 12/30/2020

Thank you for the opportunity to do this.  It was really difficult to pick a picture of Little Clover but going through them brought back so many wonderful memories as well as more tears.  

Clover came to us through our daughter, Amber, who was a vet assistant at Wandermere Animal Hospital. She called me one day and said "this sweet little dog came in with a horribly infected leg.  She's in immense pain, but she just lets us do what we need to do without biting or snapping at us.  She's the sweetest little girl and needs a good home."   At the time, we had an elderly german shepherd named “Tahoe”, who I worried would feel displaced by another dog, but we decided to go meet “Clover”.  She hopped up on the couch next to me, sat up like a human, laid her head on my shoulder and looked at me with her big brown eyes.  My husband said "Yep, that dog is going home with us", and she did. 

She brought new life to “Tahoe” for another 6 months and was a best friend to our other doggy “Tank”- also pictured.  She brought us 9 years of pure joy and entertainment and she will be missed by at least that many years. RIP Clover Girl. 

Please consider rescuing a dog rather than buying one from a breeder.  You won't regret it.

"Coulee" 11/18/2010 - 3/1/2021

“Coulee” enjoying his time on our ranch. Best buddy ever!

"Princess Shara"  5/4/2005 - 3/1/2021

I picked her up in the middle of a snowstorm on December 29, 2008. She was 4 years old and spent 11 of her 15 years with me. She just wanted to be where I was-my little Velcro dog.

"Alice"  2010-2021

Alice came to us from Double J Dog Ranch, a sanctuary and special needs dog rescue in Hauser Idaho which rescued her as a puppy.  She was the product of poor breeding so had the hard stroke in life to be deaf and neurologically impaired, however, she was one of the kindest and sweetest dogs in our lives.  While our other dogs spun circles around each other, her mission in life was to love us.   For a Great Dane, she lived a full, albeit quiet life and we are lucky that she walked over that rainbow bridge with the help of Dr. Mc Corkle, Dr. Moore and staff to meet her previous pals.  Thank you so much for the wonderful care over her lifetime.  We loved her.  She was a good girl. 


"Diego" 2005-2021

Diego was our family's first pet. He was such a great pal, super smart and loved everyone he met!
He was adored by many and will be missed dearly.
Rest easy sweet D...we love you.

"Soril Belle" 12/30/2007- 4/30/2021

"A wonderful dog and a trooper till the end.  On April 30th we had to help our Soril Belle make the journey over the rainbow bridge.  We decided to place her outside underneath her favorite tree with all her toys nearby.  Mother nature provided precise timing of our wind chimes to ring as she was sedated.  We remained by her side, soothing her, as she took her last breaths here on earth.  Several birds chirped in chorus and the wind chimes continued to ring as she passed.  Very powerful!  We waved goodbye with overwhelming tears of sadness streaming down our faces.  Overcome by the immediate pain of loss, we elected to try and "walk it off" by taking a stroll around the house.  As we circled around to the backside of our home, EVERY dog in the neighborhood was barking and howling in UNISON! An interesting fact:  Soril Belle had never met any of these dogs and as she aged over the past few years, she has been unable to make any "journeys" off our lawn area into the natural spaces our acreage provides.  Excessive dog barking is NOT something we normally hear among the rustle of the trees. We smiled and chuckled, chalking up the unique phenomenon to the neighborhood dogs vocalizing a "hail and farewell" celebration in sensing that one of their own canine brethren had just passed on.  

We will certainly miss our treasured canine companion and will take comfort in knowing that Soril Belle provided us with a great life and created a loving home during her lengthy lifespan.  With sadness, Brenda & Jeff".

"Molly"  11/07-3/21

Molly came to us when she was just 6 months old.  From the start, she brought us abundant love and laughter.  The only things she wanted were food (pizza was her favorite) and to be with her family (which included getting us up in the 5 am hour to sit out in the sun, tummy rubs, walks, and simply sitting together).

Thank you, beyond what words can ever say, for caring for our beloved Molly for so many years.  You gave us the gift of many years sharing laughter and love.  With grateful hearts, Ron, Jan, Jane, Trisha, and Molly......

"Molly Brown"  8/08-10/21

"Molly Brown" lived the dream life of a Labrador…dock-jumping, turtle-watching, jet ski-riding with her family at the lake.  A smooth beggar, she would start her day with a shot of whipped cream each morning.  A mellow girl, she would spend hours quietly watching her duck and turtle friends. Rescued from SCRAPS as a younger girl, Molly became a beloved family member, cautious and protective of the oldest and youngest in our family.  She was a dog who comes along once in a lifetime.  Rescued dogs seem to have a sense of gratitude and an awareness of how fortunate they are.  She loved everyone at Wandermere Animal Hospital, always knowing that kindness, hugs and treats (!) were waiting for her.  We are grateful that she passed away peacefully at home with her dog parents beside her.

"Beau" 5/10-1/22

"Ambrosia" 10/15-3/22

Ambrosia was six months old when she was welcomed into her forever home. She spent the next six years patrolling the house and keeping an eye on her two younger housemates.  This protective nature earned her the nickname of "La Policia", a nod to the steadfast defense of her domain (especially against delivery trucks) and her familys hispanic heritage.  In her "off" time, Ambrosia was known for cuddling her housemates four hours on end, often against their will. 

"Calvin"  6/09-6/22

Calvin was our little 5lb buddy for about 12 of his approximately 13 years. He came from a rescue group in Seattle & was intended as a companion for our puppy Lily. Calvin and Lily became the best of friends & he quickly chose his person in our family while being loved by all. He spent most of his days living the lake life & his favorite thing to do was nap in the sun or in front of the fire. He loved his humans & fur family (Lily & Zoey). His absence is felt & he will forever be missed. We love you Calvin dude! Save a spot for us in the warm sun or by the fire for when we meet again. 

"Stella"  7/07-6/22

Stella was such a beautiful, well behaved dog who was so special. She loved life, riding in the car and sniffing smells in the wilderness. Stella was truly a family dog that loved everyone and everyone loved her. 

"Samantha"  1/07-6/22

Samantha passed away at 16 1/2 years old in the arms of her Mom under the care and guidance of Wandermere Animal Hospital.  She was my sweet angel and the love of my life.  She was happiest being with me after we lost her brother, Charlie on December 30,2020.  I miss you both so much. Love Mom.

"Dixie" 10/7-6/22

Dixie was more than my dog she was unconditional support to me. We love and miss her.

"Jasmine" 10/10-3/22

Our sweet Jasmine was a lovely girl.  She enjoyed car rides, going for walks exploring and simple times just being with her family.  She did silly zoomies that always made us laugh.  We treasure the 5 ½ years we were blessed to spend with her and have her in our lives.  She was loved very much and her family misses her deeply.

"Pepper"  2/08-7/22

Thank you Pepper, for 14 years of joy, laughter, cuddling, comforting, & courage. Our house is so empty now.  Your “Mom & Dad”.


"Mya" 9/18/2008-8/08/2022

Mya was not a very affectionate dog unless she was in the mood, didn't matter what I wanted at all.  She was always by my side whenever I was sick or sad she was there.  We went everywhere together, road trips, camping, even to a bar once.  Her favorite things were popcorn and sunbathing.  My favorite things about her were the way she looked straight into you when you were talking to her, the way she followed me around the house because she just liked being in the same room as me, the way she let me carry her as a toddler just so she could see everything that was going on above her.  I will miss letting her smell everything I was doing.  The clothes I put on or the packages I opened.  She was interested in everything I did and just sat there and watched me.  She is my baby girl and I will miss her every day.

"Yuki" 6/18/2011 - 10/26/2022

Yuki came to us from Double J Dog Ranch, a sanctuary and special needs dog rescue in Hauser Idaho which rescued her as a puppy.  Yuki was a deaf Great Dane, who at 11 was a “grand dam” of the Dane World.  Yuki was the sweetest dog, naughty as a puppy, and still had that spark in her as her time neared. Her favorite thing to do was to stand watch over the household to ward off any stranger-danger. We are lucky that she walked over that rainbow bridge with the help of Dr. McCorkle, Dr. Moore and staff to meet her previous pals.  A special thank you to Carrie McCorkle for her great advice and treatment of our dear friend.  Thank you so much for the wonderful care over her lifetime.  We loved her very much.  I can see her now running with Alice.  Happy Trails, Yuki. 

"Sadie (Mercedes)" 2004 -11/18/2022

Sadie captured my mother's heart in June 2006 becoming the first Lady of my parents' lives until their passing in 2010.  Since that time, she has graced our family with her sweet disposition and unconditional love.  Sadie was a great traveler, who enjoyed helping us in the yard, going for walks to the mailbox and napping in the most unusual positions.  An attentive guardian, she was more apt to "lick to death" a visitor than bark at them and her sad puppy dog eyes could melt the hardest heart!  A beautiful companion, Sadie will always remain in our hearts and memories.

"Raisin" Darcy Dec 4, 2008 - Nov 30, 2022

Raisin was another one of our Pitbull rescues. She loved camping, 4 wheeling, walks and snuggling.  . If you came to our house and sat on the couch she would be right beside you, even if she just met you. She didn't let the arthritis stop her and she didn't let the cancer and tumors stop her from enjoying life.  She gave love with all she had.  Raisin knows how much she was loved in return and will be missed forever. 

"Ms. Kittie" 2008 - 2022

MsKittie adopted me in 2008, she was the best feral cat  and will be forever in my heart ❤, Miss her so very much

"Rocko" April 2009 - Feb 2023

Rocko was our sweet Jack Russell/dachshund mix, who came to live with us in 2014.
The mail lady labeled him “little circler”, because he ran circles when she & the garbage truck would come by.
He was our ball of energy who loved walks, car rides & boat /kayak rides.
Our little guy is greatly missed!  

"Sissy" 4/1/2005 - 2/15/2023
Sissy was quite the cat.  She weighed only 5 1/2 lbs. at the end and yet continued to be an aggressive mouser and always looked for attention by talking to us when she was with us.  She lived just short of 18 years in large part because of the good care Dr. Moore and Dr. McCorkle gave her, especially the past 3 years when she had health issues.
I’ll always remember how one summer night she was standing on the driveway in front of the barn a few feet from me.  All of a sudden, she jumped about 3 feet straight up in the air and when she landed, she had a bat in her mouth.  Wow!
Or when she was walking across the driveway and suddenly took off running after an owl that was on the ground that I couldn’t see until it set it’s wings to fly.  Sissy jumped and tried to catch the owl as it took off.  The owl was probably 10 times bigger than her!!
She was a scrappy little thing.
We loved her and will miss her.

"Zee", Miss Izzabell Zee Zee

Bred to be a show cat, Zee had other ideas. She was a beauty but after her second owner returned her to the breeder, she was given to me because she didn’t have a show temperament. She was so afraid of the world that she spent 2 weeks under the bed while I read her books. When she finally trusted me, it was all out.  She was the most loving kitty ever.  She helped me raise a puppy and washed both our faces. She accepted his face washings later.  I will never forget her pets in the middle of the night and I will always keep her pillow in the rocking chair we shared. She loved to be held like a baby and rocked. Her dog and I miss her every day.

"Paisley" 12/21/2010-2/24/2023
Paisley was the sweetest. She had the biggest personality and loved her family immensely. We love and miss you so very much. Until we meet again pretty girl! 
Dad, Mom, and Brother

"Bacardi" Lunt (AKA "Bubs") 09/2006 - 04/2023

Born in Cobo San Lucas, Mexico, Bacardi found his way into our hearts in 2006. Just 9 weeks old, stomach virus, worms, and ticks, we nursed him back to health, and he blessed our home and hearts for almost 17 years. I submitted this picture to the Humane Society’s calendar contest, and Bacardi won! He was our pin-up pup, Mr. June. Bacardi and I were also in a Humane Society commercial, ‘Adoption is the best breed’. We also graced the front page of the Spokesman-Review with him proudly sitting in my bicycle basket, enjoying the neighborhood sights as we tooled around the subdivision. His philosophy…nothing better than feeling the wind in your fur!! He was a dog that everyone took too, and is so very missed. Until we meet again, Bubs, your family loves you.


Midas is the sweetest dog I have ever had. He is a black cocker spaniel. He was bought for my husband but he picked me.  He never left my side through his 17 years of life.  He is survived by his Mother, his “Dad” Doug, Monica his cocker sister and his two daughters Pocket and Maui. I love and I will  miss him deeply.  Love you my sweet boy.