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"Gilbert" Lewis Muzatko 9/8/2006-11/1/2018

Gilbert Lewis Muzatko passed peacefully at 12 years old, in the arms of his mom and in the loving presence of his dad, on Thursday, November 1st, under the care and guidance of Wandermere Animal Hospital. Gilbert Lewis was a American Staffordshire Terrier or “Pit Bull” born in Spokane, WA., on September 8, 2006. He is survived by parents Keshia and Christoper Muzatko, Pug brother, Puggy, Cocker Spaniel sister, Brinn and many family, friends, neighbors and a special mailman named Steve. Gilbert entered his mom’s life at just 6 weeks old.


Gilbert grew to become the dog that legends are made of. Despite weighing in at a robust 72 lbs, his biggest muscle was always his heart. Gilbert was a lover. He was gentle and kind. He adored children, delivery men, baristas and never met a stranger. He loved long walks, shopping for treats, family hikes at Riverside State Park and was often found in the backyard basking in the sun with tongue out and his large toothy grin tilted up toward the sky.


Gilbert possessed a great zeal for life and loved unconditionally from the moment he entered this world. He will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom. Through good and bad, she loved him with all her heart, and though the pain she feels without him is immense, it in no way would compare to having never had him in her life.


The Muzatko family would like to give thanks to Dr. Carrie McCorkle and the compassionate receptionists, veterinary assistants and technicians at Wandermere Animal Hospital for all their kindness and considerate care given to Gilbert in his final days.

"Joey" Kempston 3/2/2010- 3/28/2019

Joey: Adorable, lovable, snuggleable, loyal, fun loving, cherished and much missed companion....


"Pyro" Parton 10/1/2004 - 4/10/2019  

 This is my son Pyro he also is across the rainbow bridge, I miss him so much.....

"Tashi" Darcy 7/22/2003 - 9/16/2019

"Tashi" was added to our family when she was 6 years old.  She loved her catio and lying in the sun.   She had small stairs that went high on the walls so she could choose her best look out spot for keeping an eye on her family.She was the boss of the house.  Even the pitbulls shied away from her.  We had her for 10 years and tried to give her the best home possible.  We surly miss our bossy cat. 
"Gretchen"  McMichael 8/1/2006 - 9/21/2019

Our sweet little girl, Gretchen went to be with her friends and is in the hands of God. She enjoyed watching squirrels, going on walks and taking yearly trips to Loon Lake. She loved her family and was always by our side. She loved car rides and going anywhere with us. Anytime food was being made, she was right in the kitchen waiting for a hand out and her favorite snack when she was well was string cheese. Gretchen will be deeply missed by our family and her memory will live on in our hearts forever. She was the best little girl and gave our family so much love and joy.


"Roxy"  Mottram 7/27/2009 - 12/6/2019
Its no surprise this little bundle of joy captured our hearts 10 years ago.  Princess Roxanne Star aka Roxy was more than just a dog…she was family and our constant companion.  It’s been a rough year for all of us and finally the end caught up sooner than we anticipated. LYMPHOMA CANCER is a curse!!  We cannot justify our need to hold on while she is in pain to prolong the evitable outcome.  It is with VERY HEAVY heart that we help her on her journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you Roxy for your unconditional love and SO MANY smiles, we will miss you.  Safe journey Princess, we love you. 
Special thanks to Wandermere Animal Hospital for you kind and compassionate care of Roxy.


Minnie Kunklle

Minnie was a feral kitten, who appeared in a neighbor’s woodpile more than seventeen years ago. She got her name because she was so tiny and proceeded to grow up to be quite “full-figured”. She was bossy, picky about food, liked sleeping on my head at night, and was insistent on grooming any dogs in the household. She was a big help with puzzles.

Joey Snyder

"Joey" Snyder 4/15/2008 - 7/22/2020

"Clover" 8/1/2010 - 12/30/2020

Thank you for the opportunity to do this.  It was really difficult to pick a picture of Little Clover but going through them brought back so many wonderful memories as well as more tears.  

Clover came to us through our daughter, Amber, who was a vet assistant at Wandermere Animal Hospital. She called me one day and said "this sweet little dog came in with a horribly infected leg.  She's in immense pain, but she just lets us do what we need to do without biting or snapping at us.  She's the sweetest little girl and needs a good home."   At the time, we had an elderly german shepherd named “Tahoe”, who I worried would feel displaced by another dog, but we decided to go meet “Clover”.  She hopped up on the couch next to me, sat up like a human, laid her head on my shoulder and looked at me with her big brown eyes.  My husband said "Yep, that dog is going home with us", and she did. 

She brought new life to “Tahoe” for another 6 months and was a best friend to our other doggy “Tank”- also pictured.  She brought us 9 years of pure joy and entertainment and she will be missed by at least that many years. RIP Clover Girl. 

Please consider rescuing a dog rather than buying one from a breeder.  You won't regret it.

"Coulee" 11/18/2010 - 3/1/2021

“Coulee” enjoying his time on our ranch. Best buddy ever!

"Princess Shara"  5/4/2005 - 3/1/2021

I picked her up in the middle of a snowstorm on December 29, 2008. She was 4 years old and spent 11 of her 15 years with me. She just wanted to be where I was-my little Velcro dog.

"Alice"  2010-2021

Alice came to us from Double J Dog Ranch, a sanctuary and special needs dog rescue in Hauser Idaho which rescued her as a puppy.  She was the product of poor breeding so had the hard stroke in life to be deaf and neurologically impaired, however, she was one of the kindest and sweetest dogs in our lives.  While our other dogs spun circles around each other, her mission in life was to love us.   For a Great Dane, she lived a full, albeit quiet life and we are lucky that she walked over that rainbow bridge with the help of Dr. Mc Corkle, Dr. Moore and staff to meet her previous pals.  Thank you so much for the wonderful care over her lifetime.  We loved her.  She was a good girl. 


"Diego" 2005-2021

Diego was our family's first pet. He was such a great pal, super smart and loved everyone he met!
He was adored by many and will be missed dearly.
Rest easy sweet D...we love you.

"Soril Belle" 12/30/2007- 4/30/2021

"A wonderful dog and a trooper till the end.  On April 30th we had to help our Soril Belle make the journey over the rainbow bridge.  We decided to place her outside underneath her favorite tree with all her toys nearby.  Mother nature provided precise timing of our wind chimes to ring as she was sedated.  We remained by her side, soothing her, as she took her last breaths here on earth.  Several birds chirped in chorus and the wind chimes continued to ring as she passed.  Very powerful!  We waved goodbye with overwhelming tears of sadness streaming down our faces.  Overcome by the immediate pain of loss, we elected to try and "walk it off" by taking a stroll around the house.  As we circled around to the backside of our home, EVERY dog in the neighborhood was barking and howling in UNISON! An interesting fact:  Soril Belle had never met any of these dogs and as she aged over the past few years, she has been unable to make any "journeys" off our lawn area into the natural spaces our acreage provides.  Excessive dog barking is NOT something we normally hear among the rustle of the trees. We smiled and chuckled, chalking up the unique phenomenon to the neighborhood dogs vocalizing a "hail and farewell" celebration in sensing that one of their own canine brethren had just passed on.  

We will certainly miss our treasured canine companion and will take comfort in knowing that Soril Belle provided us with a great life and created a loving home during her lengthy lifespan.  With sadness, Brenda & Jeff".

"Molly"  11/07-3/21

Molly came to us when she was just 6 months old.  From the start, she brought us abundant love and laughter.  The only things she wanted were food (pizza was her favorite) and to be with her family (which included getting us up in the 5 am hour to sit out in the sun, tummy rubs, walks, and simply sitting together).

Thank you, beyond what words can ever say, for caring for our beloved Molly for so many years.  You gave us the gift of many years sharing laughter and love.  With grateful hearts, Ron, Jan, Jane, Trisha, and Molly......