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Mareska Compassion Fund


In Memorium of Mareska Welt

In April of 2007, Janet and Bob Welt Lost their beloved Bouvier, Mareska. Mareska had lived with many complicated diseases for a long time, thanks to the Welt's love, persistence, and ability to provide her extensive veterinary care from Wandermere Animal Hospital, WSU, and the Pet Emergency Clinic. Upon Mareska's passing, they decided they wanted to help others receive the same kind of thorough veterinary care that Mareska received. So, they made a donation to Wandermere Animal Hospital in her name. The owners and staff at Wandermere Animal Hospital called this the Mareska Compassion Fund and have been able to use it to help a number of critical patients seek extensive and timely treatment. Since its creation, several other clients have donated as well. On behalf of Wandermere Animal Hospital and the pets that have benefited from the fund, we would like to thank the following people for their generous and kind donations...

Janet and Bob Welt (in honor of Mareska)

Janet and Bob Welt (in honor of Casper, Simon, and 2 Raschko ducks)

Dr. Tom and Marion Smith

Michelle Larsen

Tami and Troy Hales (in honor of Roshae M. Jenne)

Janie and Mike Stowell (in honor of Bambi)

Janie and Mike Stowell (in honor of Sadie)

Tami and Troy Hales (in honor of Roshae M. Jenne)

Janet and Bob Welt (in honor of Olivia Marie)

Marilyn Ingram

Tami and Troy Hales (in honor of Sassie)

Tami and Troy Hales (in honor of Roshae M. Jenne)

Beth and Jon Pece (for Ciro, with much love)

Dennis and Kathy Smith (Thanking the Mareska fund for helping them and their dog Bailey, who sends her thanks too!)

Janet and Bob Welt (In honor of their friend's dog Aerial who was a therapy dog for children with autism)

Brett Hogberg

Teresa Newcomb

Anonymous (In Loving Memory of Caesar Keyes)

Jim and Patty Mathias

Marilyn Ingram

Joan and Bill Jensen

Jim and Patty Mathias (In Memory of Donald)

Anonymous (in memory of Soda Pop Beaman who was rescued from a pump house in Montana)

 Anonymous  (In memory of Dan and Casey)  

Anonymous (In memory of Jody- the sweetest, calmest, most trail-worthy mare ever)



Anonymous (In memory of Mitzie a dear companion)

MJ and Judy                                                       

Deanna (in memory of Harley)


Carol and Brad (In memory of Danny Boy)

The Tabacek Family (In honor of Nellie)

Ewing/Anderson (in memory of James Shackelford)

Anonymous (in memory of Callie- a true west side girl)


Anonymous (in memory of Trapper Lombard)

Lacey, Brian, and Lou Welt (in memory of Trapper Lombard)

Bob and Lynn Lombard (in honor of their sweet dog Trapper)

Trisha Provinsal and Family (In loving memory of Dunny Wood and in honor and thanksgiving of Dr. Linda Lee H. Wood)

Bob & Lynn Lombard (In memory of Evan Clements and his love for his rescue dog "Millie")


McClintock family (in honor of Annie)

The Provinsal Family (in honor or Dr. McCorkle's dog Lou)

Brian Welt (in honor of Teagan)

Anonymous (in honor of Teagan)

Anonymous (in honor of Dharma, a belgian sheepdog who was a gentle grandmother to several puppies who were attending puppy school)

Anonymous (in honor of Dharma, an elegant Belgian Sheepdog who epitomized the meaning of her name)

Anonymous (in honor of Bentley who was truly loved for all of his 15 years)

The Tabacek family ( in honor of Gus)