Nutrition and Obesity

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Are you wondering if your pet's weight is ok?

fat pets

Many of our dogs and cats are overweight and even obese.  Click on the chart below to learn how to tell if your pet is underweight, ideal, or overweight.



bcs chart


Pet Food Recommendations:

Many clients ask for our recommendation when it comes to what brand of food to feed their pet.  The truth is that there are thousands of brands out there and no one can know everything about all of them.  There are a handful of trusted brands that our clinic is familiar and comfortable recommending.  These are made by companies who have actually tested the food in feeding trials to ensure efficacy and they're companies who give back to pets by investing in nutritional research.  The food brands WAH recommends are...


Hills/Science Diet

Royal Canin



California Natural/Evo/Innova


Trouble Reading Pet Food Labels?

Pet food labels can be very misleading.  Let's face it...the pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and every company wants their food to sound the best.  This has led to a lot of marketing ploys and myths about what makes pet food good or bad.  Click on the link below to learn what some of these marketing ploys really mean, and to help you understand pet food labels...