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Referral Veterinary Hospitals

Below is a list of some of the local or regional specialists whom we may refer your pet too.


Animal Eye Clinic of Spokane

Your pet may be referred to the animal eye clinic for ocular surgeries, glaucoma treatment, or unresolved eye diseases. Dr. Kevin Kaiser is a board certified veterinary ophthalmalogist.

To schedule an appointment: (509)368-6800

Inland Northwest Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Your pet may be referred here for extensive dental surgery, or endodontics.  Pacific NW Veterinary Dentistry is owned and operated by Dr. Tammy White-Renteria, a board certified veterinary dentist.

To schedule an appointment:  1-208-930-1753

Dermatology For Animals

Your pet may be referred here for allergy testing, or difficult to manage skin conditions.  Dr. Jones and Dr. Miller are board certified veterinary dermatologists who travel to Spokane a couple times each month to see cases.

To schedule an appointment:  1-877-604-8366 or 208-944-0377

WSU veterinary teaching hospital

We may refer your pet to WSU-VTH for numerous reasons. They employ veterinary specialists in internal medicine, oncology, surgery, cardiology, and radiology, to name a few.

To schedule an appointment: 1-509-335-0711

Pet Emergency Clinic and Referral Center

We may refer your pet to the P.E.C. for care over the night or weekends or to see the board certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Whitney Nelson.

21 E. Mission Ave. Spokane, WA

To schedule an appointment for the internal medicine service:  (509) 326-7246

Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Your pet may be referred to VSS if an extensive soft tissue or orthopedic surgery is necessary.  Dr. Byron Misseghers is a board certified veterinary surgeon.

To schedule an appointment: (509) 324-0055