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Welcome to our Pet Of The Month Page!!


Pet of the month is a special pet that we choose each month to feature on our website and facebook page. The pet will in some way have pulled at our heart strings either by life story, look, need or personality. 


"Valkyrie" September 2019 

Valkyrie is an almost-6 month old mastiff mix puppy. She loves to play and snuggle despite the cast on her hind leg. She was rescued in August and came to her new family in need of new bandages, lots of food, and tons of love. She’s fitting right in with her two human sisters, and loves her bull mastiff and pit bull brothers, goat cousins, and feline friends as well. She’s well on her way to growing into her goofy, giant, lovable personality! 

Thanks so much for all your kindness and wonderful treatment of our girl!


"Flower"  August 2019


My name is Flower.  I was born on April 30, 2019, in Newport, Washington.  I am one of a litter of nine.  My mom is a border collie and my dad is a traveling salesman.  
Since I'm so new to the world I find that each day brings new adventures.  Some of my favorite hobbies so far are gardening, excavating and rearranging shoes.  
I'm doing my best to learn new things and I'm studying very hard.  I'm learning to sit, walk on a leash and house training.  I find that house training is my hardest subject.  I don't quite understand this subject especially since I'm the only one in the family that is expected to "go" outside.  
When I'm really, really, really tired, I love to cuddle.  All other times, I show my love with my teeth.  
I love my new family and can't wait until we can go camping, swimming, hiking and playing with other dogs.  I know that with Dr. Moore and her great staff's care, we will all have a long, happy, loving life together. 


"Stormy"  June 2019


Hello everyone.  I’m Aurora vom Natohaus; aka, Storming Norma; aka, Ming the Merciless; aka, Ja Ja Ming.  But everyone calls me Stormy for short.  Seems that when I first showed up as a young pup I took over my new brother’s (a very nice older German Shepard) bed, hogged his toys, and pushed him out of his own food bowl!  Seemed reasonable to me, after all I’m a Deutsch Drahthaar, and we do tend to have a bit of attitude.  And, I am after all the Queen of the house.  But it seems that was the genesis of my more descriptive names.  Now, at eight, I’m told I’ve mellowed considerably and am happy to relax in the sun when not out hunting.  And when the snow flies I really prefer to lay by the fireplace. 


Being a Deutsch Drahthaar I live to get out in the field looking for birds. I’ve passed my field breed tests with flying colors to show I’m a natural at hunting, even being the only dog in the field to pass the last test I entered. Love to get out with my people to run in the wild; it’s great fun to point upland birds like pheasant and chukar, and I even enjoy a good swim after ducks though really cold water is a bit much.  I’ll also track deer if allowed.  Chasing balls seems a bit boring but I do like retrieving stuffed bumpers in the off season, especially if they have a little bird scent on them. But my favorite game is playing hide and seek under a blanket.


I’ve always enjoyed attention by humans.  They seem to like my curly hair, bushy eyebrows, and  lovely beard; all typical traits for my breed.  I especially like a good belly rub, or chest scratch after a day in the field. A trip to Home Depot or North 40 is always great fun, and I’m very well behaved with the crowds.  Though there was that time I kept barking at the silhouette of some football player I’d never heard of at North 40.   Turned out to be a cutout of Russell Wilson, but hey, he looked threatening to me at the time until my people said he was their favorite quarterback.




"Tibby" May 2019


My name is Tibby, which means "beautiful" because my mom wants everyone to know she thinks I am.  I will turn 3 years old on July 27th.

I was only 2 months old when Mom heard me on blast from way across the pet store, from my Humane Society kennel, desperate for somebody's attention!  A tiny kitten with the biggest voice!  I was by myself, and when Mom came over, I looked straight in her eyes, flopped on my back, purred, and put soft paws through the kennel to knead her fingers.  I knew right away I'd gotten her!

When I was little I had a BIG voice, and used it a LOT! like a Siamese cat baby.

I've quieted down since then, and now, the sound you're likely to hear out of me most is a heart-melting "tribble purr," like I've got a squeaky wheel inside.

As I grew, I got the nickname "Noodle" because I just kept growing longer and more lanky.  I started to sleep stretched out, back & front legs splayed straight ahead & behind, making me look even noodlier!  I still do it, too.

I love to give kisses.  Hands, face...that's my standard greeting, most of the time.  I am the kissiest kitty my mom and Grammy have ever met.  When I had to say goodbye to my Uncle Louey (cat, 18), I even gave Dr. Moore a kiss on the hand before she helped Uncle Louey say goodbye and rest.

I am a very curious girl and want to be where I can watch my family do whatever it is that they're doing throughout their day.  I'm so sad when I'm not allowed to get up in whatever business they're at and check things out & see how it's done.

When the weather's nice, Mom and I go out to the park together and watch birds and squirrels and smell pretty flowers, and I look up at the tall pine trees and make intimidated kitty "Ooooh" noises because they're really, really high! and I'd like to go up there, but honestly I'm a bit scared!

Well, that's the highlights!
Thank you Wandermere Animal Hospital for being my docs and for the honor of getting to be Pet of the Month!


"Chloe"  April 2019

"Wally" March 2019

I inherited Wally from my son in April 2011.  He’s so unique in so many ways!